We Curate

Content CurationWith 15 years of content curation behind us we know that not all news content is created equal. We pull the quality out of the quantity so you get only what matters, when it matters most. Selected, coded, categorized- at your fingertips daily on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Go get your latte and read your news.

KLEA creates daily news briefs based on your specifications – our curators reduce a fire-hose of information to a manageable stream. By curating your media coverage, showcasing the impact of your news, and gauging the contribution of a specific campaign or media programme, KLEA provides you with an accurate picture of the news without it draining your time.
Your success in content marketing is driven by top quality content that doesn’t just transfer information, but is compelling and enjoyable to read.

Good content creators/curators know it’s not enough to take relevant industry news and spit it back out to your fans and followers. It has to be fit for purpose, not only in its alignment with your audience, but by its tone and story-telling that creates trust by providing new knowledge.

We are curious by nature and love telling a good story. To give as edge we use our technology to scour the internet for content to help us understand what’s happening in your industry. This enables us write topical and credible stories that create trust.