This is who we are

KLEA News Management is a media technology and curation company that monitors the internet for insights and intelligence, and develops programmes to exploit the findings for clients. 

Since 2000 the company has specialised in news management through its association with Delahaye (now Cision Global Insights). This enables us to combine our journalistic expertise with Cision's sophisticated technology applications. 

The company is also a major shareholder in KLEA360, a company that has created software that makes it easy to produce a customised online newspaper.


Content curation is the next big thing for the internet: companies, now more than ever, need to make sense of the swelling tsunami of content from news sites and digital and social platforms. 

Recent research reveals that more than 40% of all marketing executives get their daily news dose from Google Alerts – a limited and unmediated content stream which has to be manually progressed for further repurposing, publishing, distribution, and archiving. 

KLEA was created to provide a compelling solution to this growing and critical need for mediated news monitoring and content management. We help organisations build and monitor their online presence by either providing the tools and training to do it in-house, or we can do it for you ... or a mixture of both. 


Over the past fifteen years we have provided news services to many international companies. (some are listed below) Through this experience we have learned what sophisticated organisations need and want from their news management programmes.


Since launching our service in South Africa three years ago we have provided news management services to the following organisations.