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So Fast… So Powerful – it’s a blast!

NewsRokit is a fast, accurate, low cost way to bring together news, the wisdom of the web, authoritative or entertaining content and then offer it to select audiences or to the general public. The NewsRokit can be set-up and launched quickly onto mobile devises and is easily maintained.

Become a Thought Leader

Get the content you want from anywhere on the web and send it where you want. You can create your own content (your choice) or you can find and repurpose content (curation) with your own style. Send newsletters and updates whenever you want.

Control the Wealth of the Web.

Stories come from dominant search engines; customised sources via RSS; and Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ et al. RSS feeds can be invoked. You can also grab from a website you come across or upload your own content.

Looks just like an Online News Magazine

A curation platform allows you select and rank your stories, pictures and videos by importance and relevance – then publish them into a news magazine format for easy reading on your smart phone, tablet or PC. All content is archived and searchable.

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