Can Tech Tools Improve Your Content? – Answer? A big YES!

pic-pic-of-toolsJim Dougherty, a regular contributor to the Cision blog shows you how.

Tech tools make me seem like a better writer than I am. If left to my own devices I write in a passive voice, I habitually use compound sentences, and my vocabulary choice is less than ideal (humblebrag – I use too many syllables).

My content pieces are often readable and coherent despite my abilities because of a gauntlet of tech tools I use to improve them before publishing (I also have good editors, which for now we’ll ignore).
What I want to do in this post is examine tech tools that improve different dimensions of your writing. Whether it’s optimising your writing for search discovery, making the text more readable, or avoiding the contraction “you’re” when you want to use the possessive, “your.” Some of these tools may help make your writing better, with little additional work by you.

Go here to learn more about the tools that can: Improve your headlines; readability; mark up/organisation; speed; distribution; and SEO.

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