9 ways your media monitoring software should be able to help you

‘Hands Up’ … if you know what clients and prospects are saying about you in real-time … and what about the media, bloggers or influencers?


If you cant answer this question, you may be missing a media monitoring software in your communication strategy, or underutilising your current platform.

Stacey Miller senior manager, communications at Cision explains that these aren’t the only tasks a monitoring system should help you do. In her blog post Stacey encourages you to make sure you’re checking off these 9 items with your current software or potential media monitoring provider.


Click on any of the nine points to learn more.

  1. Gain Actionable Competitive Intelligence
  2. Find “Buying Signals” and New Selling Opportunities
  3. Track Sentiment
  4. Identify Trending Conversation Topics
  5. Monitor Shifts in Media Channels and Audience Platforms
  6. Correlate and Replicate Activities that Drive Upticks in Conversation
  7. Discover New Influencers
  8. Look Closer at the Demographics of Engaged Audiences
  9. Don’t Forget About Unbranded, Industry Searches

Can your media monitoring software or monitoring agency do all of this?

To accomplish these tasks you need media monitoring technology that delivers. G2 Crowd, the world’s leading software review platform, recently named Cision a “Leader” in the “Best Media Monitoring Software” report. 

Based on unbiased, third-party reviews, Cision earned the highest overall satisfaction score and the highest overall market presence score out of the 24 considered products in G2 Crowd’s Media Monitoring Software scoring grid.